RH Monument Two

Here's our lake and swim map, plus tactics guide, to Monument Two at Rob Hales' RH Fisheries in Shropshire...

RH Fisheries, The Monument, Lamledge Lane, Shifnal, Shropshire, TF11 8SD | Web: www.rhfisheries.com | Tel: 01952 463141

We say...

Dug in 2013, Monument Two is the sequel to very popular Monument lake next door. It features 16 pegs, of which two are doubles, and plenty of features in all areas of the lake.

A total of 500 carp were stocked and these young, fast-growing fish now average over 20lb. There are around 30 thirties present, but this number is expected to keep on climbing, and even a handful of forties.

As you'd expect for an RH venue, the swims are beautifully landscaped and each one even include a waterproof double plug socket. Those on the bottom bank (pegs 5-8) also have built-in wind breaks to shield anglers from the prevailing wind.

Fishery manager Alex Lister says...

"There are two central bars and in one corner there is a causeway.The area around the island is a known big-fish zone, which has done quite a few thirties.

"The lake is 6ft deep all over, with a few little variations. The causeway is 4/5ft deep and the area in front of peg six has some shallows.

"When the weather is right you can have some remarkable hits, but the fish are wising up and generally it's steady. 

"A south-westerly wind blows straight into the bottom bank, which the fish love. They tend to visit swim one in the evenings and are down the bottom end in the day.

"They love a floater in here, unlike in Monument One which can be very tricky on the surface.

"Tactics-wise, I'd recommend fishing very accurately over a tight patch of bait."


Maximum of two rods

Anglers must use fishery bait, but can bring their own hookbaits

Barbed and micro-barbed hook preferred

No zig rigs

Spombs must have floats attached

Maggots and worms can only be used between November 1 and end of February

12lb minimum line

Nets, slings and mats supplied by the fishery

No boats, no braided mainlines, no bent-hook rigs

Plastic leaders banned, leadcore and tubing allowed

All thirties must be reported immediately


£60 for 36 hours (March 1 to November 30)

£40 for 36 hours (December 1 to February 28/9)

Longer sessions can be booked but swim must be rested overnight every 36 hours

Sessions begin at 6.30am (7am in winter) and end at 8pm on the second day (dusk in winter)

On-site bait shop

Toilets and shower

Food delivery available

Fishery protected by CCTV