Nash Royston Kingfisher Lake

Here's our lake and swim map, plus tactics guide, to Kingfisher Lake on the Nash Royston complex on the Hertfordshire/Cambridgeshire border...

Kingfisher Lake, Nash Lakes Royston, off the A10, Royston, Hertfordshire, SG8 6RA | Web: | Tel: 01702 233811

We say...

The Royston site is Kevin Nash's first foray into the day-ticket lake scene and offers two waters available on a booking system.

Kingfisher is a former club water with an unknown stock of originals, mixed with 200 new additions. 

The water covers four acres and depths range from 6ft to 15ft. Fish to 38lb have already been recorded since Nash took over the venue, but the prospect of the unknown remains.

Extensive landscaping has been carried out and the 24 swims are all comfortable and well maintained.

Venue expert Matt Rhodes says...

Kingfisher lake is a different proposition to neighbouring Wood Lake. It's not as deep, with depths from around 8ft at the narrow end, gradually sloping to 14ft at the open end. 

The fish patrol the margins in here 90 per cent of the time, so ignore them at your loss.

That being said, if the lake sees a lot of pressure you will find the fish travelling at mid-water straight down the centre of the lake. 

I use the same approach on both lakes. I use white 15mm pop-ups on multi rigs. I present them with two pieces of dissolving foam and offer a handful of dark baits over the top of the nuggets that hit the surface.

You don't need loads and loads of bait to get bites. I fish for a bite at a time and have had multiple big hits.

If the fishing on the bottom is slow, it's normally a telltale sign that the fish are up in the water.

I'll then switch tactics to mid-water zigs to keep the bites coming.

Both lakes are great for surface fishing in the height of summer, too. 


Barbless hooks only and no bent/crank hooks

12lb minimum mainline and 15lb minimum hooklinks

No braided mainline

No nuts as loosefeed

Particles must be properly prepared and used in moderation

Full rules available on Nash Lakes website



£25 five-year membership needed to buy day tickets

Midweek March-November = £25 for 24 hours

Weekends March-November = £30 for 24 hours

Midweek December-February = £15 for 24 hours

Weekends December-February = £20 for 24 hours

Bookings run from 9am. Anglers are allowed to walk the venue from 7am

On-site toilets