Majestic Pool

Majestic Pool

Here's our lake and swim map, plus tactics guide, for Majestic Pool carp lake in East Yorkshire...

Majestic Pool, Wawne, Beverley, Hull, East Yorkshire HU7 5XZ | Web: | Tel: 07904 079647 or 07764 988293

We say...

Taken on as a fishing venue in late 2008 and stocked with carp in early 2009, Majestic Pool offers a good head of young, fast-growing fish in comfortable surroundings.

There are about 100 carp present, with the vast majority of them topping 20lb. The lake record is held by a mid-30 mirror, but the fish are growing all the time.

Just six anglers are allowed to fish the three-acre lake at once, with a total of eight swims to choose from.

Venue boss Danny Fletcher says...

"I'd say it's an 'easy to moderate' water. Three acres, 100 fish, of which 80 are over 20lb and probably half a dozen are 30-pounders.

"As far as bait goes, I'd say use boilie, pellet and hemp, and look for the hard areas in the silkweed. If you get your presentation right in those spots you're halfway there.

"Our Facebook page is regularly updated with catch reports."


All sessions must be pre-booked

No leaders

No maggots or nuts

No artificial baits

Barbed hooks preferred


£20 for 24 hours

£120 for exclusive booking for 24 hours

Local takeaways deliver

On-site toilet