Linear Brasenose One

Here's our lake and swim map, plus carp tactics guide, for Brasenose One on the Linear Fisheries site in Oxfordshire...

Linear Fisheries, off the B4449, near Hardwick Village, Witney, Oxfordshire, OX29 7QF | Web: | Tel: 07885 327708

We say...

Arguably, the first modern super runs water, Brasenose One was stocked with thousands of fast-growing Mark Simmonds fish in the early 2000s and quickly established a reputation for big hits of carp.

The fish have both grown and wised up since then, so it's not a case of just turning up and catching anymore, but huge hauls are still possible.

Brasenose One is probably more of a long-rang water than neighbouring Brasenose Two, so be prepared for hefty chucks if the lake is busy and the fish decided to push out into open water. 

Heavy baiting continues to work well here, but a bit of thought goes a long way and single hookbaits and zig rigs are often blank savers when the water is fishing hard.

Head bailiff Ian Roper says…

Venue expert Harry Charrington says...

"Always be accurate with your baiting, although that goes for all the Linear waters, and don't forget to bring floaters in the summer because they love them.

"The fish in B1 do move quickly on a new wind, so if you know there's a fresh wind coming in and can get on the end of it you should do well.

"It probably does have a reputation for long-range fishing, so if you're not suited to big casts then the main bowl of the lake probably isn't the best place. However, I have caught fish with underarm casts on solid PVA bags there.

"At certain times of the year, especially late summer and in to autumn, the narrower end, in front of you as you come to the lake, can be very productive and the fish do stack up there. In this area of the lake you only need to be fishing at between 40 and 80 yards.

"In terms of bait I'd always go little and often, starting with 10 spods and see how it goes. It's always worth fishing zigs as you bait up. It's definitely more of a particle water, too.

"With zigs, reds and blacks, either as a combo or on their own, are my preference, and with hookbaits it's pink or yellow. That said, when I used to fish it a lot more I did very well on 10mm green pop-ups and green plastics."


Maggots can only be used on the hook or in PVA bags or feeders

Spombs must have the float attachment

No boats/baits boats, drones, fires, drugs, fires or swimming

Floating retention slings can be used for a maximum of 30 minutes

Cars must be parked in designated areas.


£29.50 for 24 hours (three rods) or £23.50 for two rods

Accompanied under 12s fish free during school holidays

OAP discounts

Showers and toilets on site

Local takeaways deliver (menus on site)

No driving on the grass