Lavender Hall Station Specimen Carp Lake

Lavender Hall Fishery, Lavender Hall Lane, Berkswell, Coventry, West Midlands, CV7 7BN | Web: | Tel: 01676 530299

We say...

Located between Solihull and Coventry, this West Midlands fishery boasts five lakes but it's Station, the carp lake, that will interest specimen hunters.

Three islands break up this two-acre pool, meaning long casts aren't necessary to get among the fish, and, as our map shows, there are plenty of features.

There are about 150 carp present, with a lake record nudging 30lb, and almost every fish is over 15lb.

Anglers can arrive from 7am for day sessions, but 24-hour stays must be booked in advance.

Fishery boss Tom Lawrie says...

"The lake is fishing well with an average of 10 to 20 fish being caught per week [Jan 2018], most of which are falling to small 10mm pop-ups over little bait. 

"The best colours seem to be pink, white, and yellow. Putting more bait in can work if you manage one or two fish, but as a rule in winter feed cautiously.

"Talking of bait, anything from the Sticky Baits range is doing well, with Nash’s Cirtuz Pink working well too.

"At the right time of year it does like its bait. It's a water where I'm happy to fish over lots of different kind of baits.

"Certainly for the bigger fish I'd go for boilies, and a good particle mix with corn for numbers of fish.

"In the summer it can be a great surface and zig water.

"The fish do move around quite a lot, they get all over. You don't always want to fish to the three islands, they will of course produce fish but they also know they are very vulnerable there and will be extremely cautious.

"In the winter you would expect to find the fish out in the middle channel and in the deeper open-water areas but they can come in close along the eastern side of the lake.

"It's a very good margin water, try and always have a rod in the edge as it is often where the big girls get caught.

Tom's peg guide

Peg 1 "Reasonable depth can be found on the far margin and casting as tight as possible will bring results. Left-hand rod to be fished towards the island, underneath the trees if possible."

Peg 3 "Try casting bang central towards the island, landing around a metre short into a slight depression in the bottom. Also casting as tight as possible towards the point of the island will work."

Peg 6 "The hotspot here is the channel between the two islands. It’s slighty silty on the bottom here."

Peg 11 "Cast as tight as possible to the long island. Open water on the left-hand side of the swim also produces."


Barbless hooks only

No parking on grass

No bait boats

Dogs must be kept on a lead and under control

All particles must be pre-prepared from a reputable company

Tubing or leader compulsory, unless using naked chods

36ins minimum net size


£15 a day (two rods max) (£10 in winter)

£25 for 24 hours (£20 in winter)

£13 a day for concessions (under 16s and over 65s)

£13 (£10) for half a day (from 2pm)

£15 for dusk until dawn

Large on-site cafe and tackle shop