Greenhalgh Lodge Fishery

Here's our lake and swim map, plus tactics guide, to Greenhalgh Lodge carp venue in Lancashire...

Greenhalgh Lodge Fishery, Greenhalgh Lane, Greenhalgh, Preston, Lancashire, PR4 3HL | Web: | Tel: 01253 836348

We say...

The demand for specimen carp fishing has risen so much over the last few years that some fisheries are converting existing lakes to meet anglers' needs.

One venue to do so is Greenhalgh Lodge Fishery near Blackpool – whose owners have transformed their 30-peg-plus pleasure venue into a carper’s haven with 10 well-spaced swims.

The smaller fish have been netted and removed, and 150 to 200 VS Fisheries carp have now been stocked – including specimens up to 30lb.

With only 3.1 acres of water to fish anglers are reporting huge numbers of runs from carp now averaging between 15lb and 20lb.

Peg-by-peg guide...

Swims 1-3
All three swims are exposed to the largest expanse of open water here and all feature a depth of around 5-6ft at around 30 yards out.

Swims 1 and 3 are very productive as they can reach bays with very good marginal vegetation.

To the right of 1 you’ll find a large tree and to the left of 3 there’s an island and a large bank which doesn’t have any pegs.

Fish a bright pop-up over a PVA bag of pellets in these areas to catch.

On peg 2 you can reach the tip of the island where there’s only around 1ft-2ft of water. This is an excellent peg for fishing zig rigs on a hot day. 

Swims 4-6
Peg 4 is very similar to 3 as it faces the no-fishing bank so effectively you have a lot of good margin fishing in front of you.

To the right of 4 there is a 7ft hole which can be prolific when the water temperature drops or when the wind gets up.

Swims 5 and 6 again have some very good open-water opportunities although 6 has an island chuck where there’s around 6ft of water.

In this area feed plenty of chopped boilies, corn and pellets whilst fishing Ronnie rigs over the top to catch. 

Swims 7-10
This area is arguably the most productive at present thanks to the many options available to anglers.

Both 7 and 8 can reach the island whereas 9 can reach an aerator just off the tip of the island in around 1ft-2ft of water.

This is another great peg for fishing zig bugs or pop-ups on a hot day and the carp can often be seen swirling here.

Fishing from swim 10 can also be a good choice as the space in the bay to the left does hold fish in around 6ft of water.

Feed this area with boilie, pellets and particles and fish a big boilie over the top to catch. 


Micro-barbed hooks only

10lb minimum mainline

No leaders or braided line

No rods to be left unattended

No fixed leads or bolt rigs

No bent-hook rigs

Tubing must be used on all rigs

No peanuts or tiger nuts

Onsite pellets only


£15 a day for two rods

Gates automatically open at 6am and close at 8pm. No access to lake until 7am



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