Berners Hall Reservoir: map and tactics guide

This is our lake map and tips guide to fishing at the Res at Berners Hall Fishery in Essex

Berners Hall Fishery, Berners Hall Farm, Ongar, Essex, CM5 0TB | Web: | Tel: 01245 231746

We say…

A typical irrigation reservoir with just about no bankside shelter might not be the most appealing setting for a carp fishery, but beneath the turquoise surface of this lake lie hundreds of quality fish.

The 24-acre Res, deep in the Essex countryside, has 24 swims and contains around 600-700 carp.

There are more than 45 fish over 30lb and the current lake record, Rambo, is over 44lb.

Get it right on here and you can have multiple hits in the same session with plenty of 20s.

Venue bailiff Callum Petchey says…

“The fish generally hold up in large groups and therefore, at the right times of the year and with a lot of good-quality boilies, particles and pellet fished on a clearer area, anglers can catch numbers of fish.

“Generally, taking your time to find the clearer areas, paired up with finding the fish, will provide you with the best chance of getting a bite.

“The water levels do go up and down throughout the year depending on weather conditions and rainfall.

“In the warmer months the water is generally between 6-8ft and during the winter the water can rise to 8-12ft.

“Bait wise, I personally use Munch Baits down there. I use the Cream Seed and Bio Marine mixed with particles. However, any quality boilie – and a lot of it, usually – and particle and pellet works.

“I like to go for a ‘match the hatch’ colour hookbait, but people generally say yellow and pink baits work well.”

“Generally it’s more the quantity of bait and how accurately you present it that results in captures.”



  • Three rods maximum

  • Barbless hooks only (no crushed or micro barbs)

  • No leadcore or leaders (tubing only)

  • Minimum 15lb mainline. No braid

  • One zig rod per angler

  • Full rules on venue website


  • £20 a day

  • £30 for 24 hours

  • £45 for 36 hours

  • £20 for every 24 hours beyond 48 hours

  • £150 for one week

  • All fishing must be pre-booked but anglers receive 10% discount at Total Fishing Tackle in Ongar