Sandhurst Lake

Sandhurst Lake, Swan Lane, Yateley, Hampshire, GU47 94A | Web: | Tel: 07766 416223

We say...

Nestled in the carp-fishing epicentre that is Yateley, Sandhurst Lake is a well-regarded day-ticket venue with a particular reputation for winter form.

Depths average 5ft and run between 2ft and 10ft, and there are plenty of features to find.

There are about 400 carp present, and the average is around high doubles to low twenties. Thirties and forties are also resident, making Sandhurst one of the best big-fish day-ticket waters around.

Fishery manager Nick Leach says...

"In general, the fish like their bait, and slightly popped-up hookbaits have been doing well; short chods, hinged stiff rigs and Ronnie rigs.

"Finding the fish is key. They don't show themselves so much in winter, but in summer you will regularly see them jumping out.

"There's not really a bad swim on the lake, they all do fish. Don't ignore the corners - the bailiffs will often fish them if it's busy and they've all had the bigger fish.

"Normally in the summer months the car-park swims, the Pipes, swims 10/11 and 26/27 are very popular. In winter the Bailiffs swims have normally done a lot of fish, but this winter (2016/17) has been more like another summer with the amount of bait going in keeping the fish in the same area in the middle of the lake.

"In the summer the fish will come into the margins and you can stalk them.

"Yellow and orange hookbaits have done very well, over a good freezer bait like Cell, Manilla and Live System. In the summer, Pacific Tuna and Krill have done well.

"We do dye the water and rake some areas to keep the weed back, but it's worth finding the clear spots."


No zigs

Fish may only be retained while sorting camera gear

No bait boats

No marker floats to be left in situ

Maggots can only be used between January 1 and March 1

No braided mainline on baited rods


£30 for 24 hours (three rods)

£25 for 24 hours (two rods)

All tickets to be booked in advance online or through the bailiff


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