The carpiest gadgets you won't find in tackle shops

The carpiest gadgets you won't find in tackle shops

Hard though it might be for some of us to comprehend, there’s a whole world out there beyond carp fishing that you won't find in your local maggot emporium. 

1) Laser thermometer

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We won’t lie, the thought of a plastic gun that fires out a ring of lasers brings out the kid in all of us – but these things genuinely have a use in fishing.

Charting water-temperature readings can give you a great indication of ideal fishing conditions and these items make doing so a doddle.

There’s no need to lob a mercury-filled tube into the water and fish it out with cold hands, you can simply fire the lasers at the water and get an accurate digital read-out.

2) Laser pen

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Another laser device, this one must be handled with far more respect.

Only an absolute idiot fires these high-powered beams into people’s eyes or passing aircraft (you will be jailed for the latter, trust us), but a quick blip of the light on to the water around waterfowl will scare them away from your baited spot and stop them diving down and nicking your boilies.

There are plenty of styles available, but the most basic versions will suffice. Green ones tend to be more powerful than red ones, but the latter is more than adequate.

3) Golf range finder

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One of the unintended consequences of the rise of technology is the death of the know-it-all pub bore.

In the years before everyone had the internet in their pocket you could claim ridiculous feats and achievements without fear of being shown up by party-pooping Wikipedia.

That said, many carp anglers still claim to be able to “chuck a lead 200 yards” safe in the knowledge that they will never be put to the test.

Yes, you can use a measuring tool on Google Maps or endless wraps on distance sticks, but instant measurement is rare.

However, pop into a golf store and pick up a range finder and you can be a nouveau pub bore, telling everyone your island-margin spot is precisely 97.3 yards away. While wearing an argyle sweater.

4) Drone

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If you’ve watched any video footage from the likes of Nash, Fox and Korda you’ll have seen aerial shots taken with the aid of a drone.

These lightweight flying machines have even been adapted to drop bait and rigs, though these devices won’t replace rods and reels any time soon.

Their real value, if you can afford to spend a few hundred quid on one, is as a top-down reconnaissance tool – your own real-time Google Maps.

Purists, lake owners, fellow anglers and the Civil Aviation Authority might have other ideas, though!

5) BioLite CampStove

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A large proportion of carp anglers take a stove and a portable phone charger with them these days, but what if you could combine the two?

Like the traditional Kelly Kettle, this nifty little water boiler burns twigs not gas or petrol.

But unlike the Chris Yates favourite, the CampStove has a built-in USB plug to charge your phone.

Perhaps this is the only product on this page that can appease both traditionalists and tech fans.

6) Inflatable bivvies

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Angling isn’t always slow to embrace technology, as the case of inflatable shelters shows.

The concept has proved popular in the camping world and already Diem, Kampa and TFG have brought inflatable bivvies to carpers.

These things are surprisingly rigid and, without poles, they pack away compactly. Whether they will revolutionise bivvies in the way the pramhood design did 15 years ago remains to be seen.

7) Cadac Safari Chef

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Marketing folk would tell you this “crossover” product has gained real “traction” in the fishing world.

We’d say carpers have realised this fine product can cook all manner of bankside food and even function as a family barbecue.

Powered by gas, the Safari Chef can operate as frying pan, barbecue, grill, oven and pizza stone.

If you ever meet an angler who has one of these you’ll soon know because they’ll either wax lyrical about it or offer you a three-course meal on the bank.

It’s bulky, especially with a proper gas canister, but ideal for long session or foreign trips.

8) Helinox camping table

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Considering most carp anglers are effectively campers with rods, it’s amazing more top-notch camping equipment doesn’t enter our orbit.

Bivvy tables, for instance, are a surprisingly useful item yet most of the carpy versions are bulky plastic affairs.

This collapsible table from the camping world is streets ahead of anything in tackle shops.

Weighing just 638g and packing down to just 41cm long, this product is tiny when stored away yet bigger than most conventional bivvy tables when erected.

The integral drink holders are a great feature for thirsty carpers. Yes, it’s expensive, but just remind yourself how much you can spend on banksticks and bobbins.

9) Metaltex Rotomac Herb and Vegetable Manual Chopper

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Could this kitchen gadget be the ultimate boilie chopper?

With a name like Metaltex Rotomac you might expect this device to be powered by plutonium rods, but it’s a battery-free device that operates via a pull cord.

The more you pull it, the finer your bait is chopped.

Another manual alternative is a cheap plastic ice crusher, which can be picked up for about £7 on eBay.

10) Motion sensors

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With thousands of pounds’ worth of gear sitting out in the open, sleeping carp anglers are prime targets for thieves on busy waters.

A battery-operated motion sensor can easily be rigged to your bivvy or close to your rods to alert you to any unwanted visitors. Or give you a fright if a fox wanders into your swim.