The best presents for carp anglers | Christmas 2017

The best presents for carp anglers | Christmas 2017

If you’re a carp fisherman looking for Christmas gift ideas, or just on the hunt for presents for the carp anglers in your life then let us give you some inspiration for the best gifts and presents for fishermen.

We’ve grouped the best carp Christmas presents into price bands so there should be something for all budgets, from stocking fillers to extravagant displays of generosity.

Carp-fishing Christmas presents under £10

Camo Carpers Hook, Line & Stinkers air fresheners

RRP: £4.99 each | Buy them here

Carp air freshener

Brilliantly quirky car air fresheners in the shape of hair rigs. These are assembled by hand in the UK and come in a range of flavours to mask the smell of fishing gear in your car or garage.

Click here for our in-depth review and product video. 

Carp fishing mugs

RRP: From £5.99 | Shop links below

fishing mugs

Every carp angler needs a proper mug to hold their bankside brew, and they make a great gift. 

Try the Mayfly Art Common Carp Mug, the Just Fish I Love Fishing Mug or the Gardner Camo Mug. The I Love My Wife version is perhaps best reserved for those with a sense of humour!

Embryo Angling Habitats Calendar

RRP: £7.99 | Buy it here


If you want to buy a Christmas gift with a conscience, this Embryo Angling Habitats calendar is perfect. All profits from the sale of these calendars go towards the protection of carp fisheries.

Embryo, in case you aren't aware, helps protect and stock fisheries in danger or predation. 

Carp car sticker

RRP: £3.99 | Buy it here

Carp car sticker

A stylish carp sticker to show off your hobby. Sadly, the Range Rover above is not included.

Carp-fishing Christmas presents under £20

Carponizer 2018 carp calendar

RRP: £18.99 | Buy one here

Carponizer calendar

A daring but always popular gift, the Carponizer calendar features 12 models in various states of undress posing with carp. 

We've had a more thorough look at what it offers right here.

Latex carp mask

RRP: £14.79 | Buy one here

carp mask.jpg

From the sublime (!) to the ridiculous, but what angler hasn't truly wanted to get inside a carp's head - literally!

We can foresee a few novelty trophy shots from anglers wearing one of these...

In Pursuit of Carpiness DVD

RRP: £14.99 |



Featuring carp fishing's most entertaining bromance, is a roadtrip movie following the adventures of Mark Pitchers and Harry Charrington as the go looking for carpy perfection.

Unlike many carp videos, it's genuinely entertaining with plenty of laugh-out-loud moments. The fish and scenery are pretty special, too!

Carp-fishing Christmas presents under £50

Giant carp cushion

RRP: £21.99 | Buy one here


Another novelty gift for the carp-mad angler in your life! This pillow is ideal for stowing in your bedchair and can even be used to mock up trophy shots when the going gets tough!

A Passion for Angling DVD set

RRP: £38.50 | Buy one here

Passion for Angling hugh miles

Nearly 25 years after it was first broadcast, A Passion for Angling still stands head and shoulders above every other fishing programme on television.

The DVD boxset contains all six 50-minute episodes including some beautiful carp footage from Redmire and beyond.

Day-ticket fishing voucher

RRP: Various | Link below

What could be a better gift than actually paying for someone's fishing? A number of day-ticket sites offer vouchers for various amounts.

You can buy vouchers for Oxfordshire's Linear Fisheries online here, or try Bluebell Lakes in Northamptonshire on 01832 226042.

Carp-fishing Christmas presents with an unlimited budget

Carp tuition

RRP: From approximately £150 | Our online guide to tutorials

carp tutorial

A one-on-one coaching session with a top carp angler can be the best learning experience available. If you want to treat something that will stay with them for their fishing lives then booking a tutorial is a great idea.

Check out our complete guide to carp tuitions here for a list of who offers them and how to contact them.

FishSpy marker float

RRP: £129.99 | Buy one here

Gadgets and tech gifts are always popular at Christmas, so why not treat the carp angler in your life to a camera in a float? 

Our in-depth review of this remarkable little device will tell you all you need to know.

JVC Everio R waterproof camcorder

RRP: £249.99 | Buy one here


Another great all-round gadget which will be of particular interest to carp anglers.

This fully functioning camcorder (with an amazing zoom) is waterproof to 5m and perfect for bankside blogs. We've done a full review over here.

Cadac Safari Chef

RRP: £84.99 | Buy one here

Cadac safari chef

If you, or the carper you're buying for, are into food then this is the ultimate on-the-bank cooker.

It's a beefy unit but can cook more or less anything including huge fry ups and even pizzas.

If you want further inspiration, the Safari Chef is also part of our gadgets rounds up.