The best fishing vans: the ultimate guides

The best fishing vans: the ultimate guides

When it comes to finding the best van for fishing there's plenty of choice, so we thought it was about time we compared them all from a carp angler's viewpoint.

Bearing in mind the need for a standard rod holdall to fit in the cargo area, we used the expertise of the vehicle boffins at Parkers to cast an eye over the various options.

We've split our guide into two parts. Small vans (like the popular VW Caddy) and medium vans (such as the Ford Transit or VW Transporter). 


What our research revealed

Crunching the numbers on finance revealed you can get a VW Transporter for a considerably lower finance cost than a VW Caddy.

Parkers van editor CJ Hubbard told us: "Your readers may be surprised how affordable a larger van is. The Transporter has such strong residual values it works out a bit of a bargain on finance."

Another point worth noting is that going for a low-spec budget model on finance might not be the best idea.

CJ added: "Your readers may find they can get even better finance prices on higher-spec models in several cases here – the entry versions of some these vans are understandably not as desirable secondhand so their values fall more quickly, which increases the cost of finance.

"Regardless, just like with cash pricing it always pays to shop around for a good finance deal; there are lots of specialist van places for this."

We've even gone to the trouble to get a sample insurance quote for each van, so you have a good idea of the overall costs before moving forward with a potential purchase.