TFG Airflo inflatable bivvy

TFG Airflo inflatable bivvy | RRP: £279.99

So you think all bivvies are much the same? Well, think again!

As its name suggests, the new TF Gear Airflo uses ‘air tubes’ instead of traditional metal poles to form its shape and, when fully pumped up, it looks very much like a conventional peaked pramhood shelter.

To inflate it you simply lay the bivvy flat on the ground, secure it via its 10 pegging points, connect the stirrup pump (supplied) to the concealed side-fitted inflation valves and then, starting at the front valve, give it some welly.

The Airflo has two chunky main air poles (front and rear) which arc across its width, with shorter connecting tubes running along the roof’s centre, providing rock-solid sturdiness.

And don’t worry about punctures. The tubes feel extremely resilient, and are covered in a hard-wearing material.

The Airflo also has a superb built-in heavy-duty groundsheet – which means no entry to creepy crawlies – and zero water ingress. The groundsheet feels tough enough to not be easily ripped or damaged when used over stones or gravel.

The shelter’s front has both mesh and solid infill panels and a roll-up door, while Velcro rod holders are placed and the front and back.

Mark Sawyer’s verdict

The Airflo shelter is sufficiently different to raise eyebrows among a few die-hard carpers. However, it’s almost certainly the way forward in terms of ease and convenience.

It’s rock solid when erected, and offers plenty of internal space. I particularly liked the door’s Velcro floor fitting which makes it completely impervious to rain, even when facing it head-on.

Just one word of warning, though – don’t be overly enthusiastic with the stirrup pump, as our test sample wasn’t the strongest we’ve ever used.    

Dimensions (one-man)

  • Width: 290cm
  • Depth: 260cm
  • Height: 143cm
  • Weight: 11kg