Sticky Signature Squid pop-ups

Sticky Signature Squid pop-ups | RRP: £6.50

Sticky teased us for a while with the build up to the launch of the Signature Squid pop-ups, but the wait appears to have been worth it.

These sharp, fishy hookbaits were comprehensively tested and have already caught hundreds of carp.

If you are familiar with Sticky’s original Signature range, the Squids are a slightly darker, less ‘powdery’ colour, but otherwise visually very similar.

Typically for Sticky, a lot of thought has gone into these baits and the Hull company has exclusively sourced a Norwegian squid hydrolysate for these Signatures. There’s also green-lipped mussel, soluble fish proteins and squid and octopus flavouring at work here.

Each pot contains an even mixture of pink, off-white and muted-yellow baits and they are available in 12mm, 14mm and 16mm sizes.

The matching bait spray (£4.99) matches the aroma of the hookbaits perfectly and promises to give an extra boost to these pop-ups.