Social scene: the smaller tackle firms breaking through online

Facebook and Instagram are teeming with small tackle and bait firms, each producing some very interesting kit.

Marc Coulson takes a closer look at a few that have recently caught his eye…

Koda Baits Double Pineapple Pop-Ups

RRP: £15 | Instagram: @koda_baits


Expertly rolled corkball hookbaits with a double dose of pineapple flavour, these little beauties are extremely consistent in make-up and stay popped up for absolutely ages.

Owner Mark Dean tests each size of baits that he makes to ensure consistency and he can even tailor the baits depending on your needs.

There are three sizes available, namely 14mm, 15mm and 16mm, in a variety of colours: he’ll even customise them depending on your order size.

There is a wide range of flavours in Koda’s range but these are a great addition to your bait bucket at this time of year.

Verdict: Not cheap, but these are some of the best cork-ball hook baits around

Hybrid Tackle Spinner Pack

RRP: £3.99 | Facebook: @hybrid.tackle | Instagram: @hybridtackle


Everything, bar hooks, to tie five spinner or Ronnie rigs, including shrink tubing, quick-change helicopter swivels, hook beads and bait screws, all neatly packed in one place.

Add your favoured pattern of hook and you’re ready to tie these hugely popular pop-up presentations.

Verdict: Simply add your chosen hook for the perfect spinner rig

Donk Leadz textured leads

RRP: 55p-80p each | Facebook: @DONK LEADZ | Instagram: @donkleads


A vast range of leads in both swivel and inline versions, each available in several different styles of coating to match silt, gravel and weedy lake beds. My favourite is the peaty brown in our picture.

There are even some novel, brightly coloured leads, which are increasingly popular as attractors, especially when fishing single hookbaits.

Each lead is very well made and extremely consistent, and the company’s service is excellent.

Since trying a few samples I’ve been very impressed, and I especially like the version which is designed specifically for use with Korda’s Heli-Safe. This boasts just a ring instead of a swivel so that it sits perfectly in the housing of the Heli-Safe itself.

Verdict: Well-made leads with some of the best coatings around

Rhino Beam V2

RRP: £19.99 | Facebook: @rhinotechangling | Instagram: @rhinotech_angling

RHINO BEAM insert.jpg

Many of you will have no doubt seen these on various social-media pages as many top anglers use them to illuminate their night shots.

With a panel of LED lights, the Beam can be adjusted via a small dial to get just the right level of light for your photos.

It’s a lot easier than a flash, which some people can struggle with, resulting in pictures that are blasted out or too dark.

You simply attach it to the flash shoe on a compact or SLR camera, switch it on and away you go.

The V2 runs off four AAs and there are both crystal and yellow diffusers for different situations, with a separate bank-stick adaptor available for remote lighting.

It’s also compact and light so is will fit easily into your bag without adding excess bulk or weight.

Verdict: I actually own three of these and wouldn’t be without them

Heritage Ltd Edition net float

RRP: £14.99 | Facebook: @heritageltdedition | Instagram: @heritageltdedition


These guys are gaining a bit of a following with the carpy fraternity, thanks to their range of DPM camo gear, which not only looks great but is also well thought out and constructed.

The net float a lot longer and slimmer than many on the market so, while still buoyant, it isn’t cumbersome and bulky, especially when your net handle is in a sleeve or rod bag.

There’s a neat addition by way of an elasticated loop on the rear, which safely holds the excess net when on the bank.

The Cordura outer material is robust enough to stand up to the rigours of constant use although I found it takes a while to dry out after it’s been dunked. That’s a small price to pay for having landed a carp though, I’d say!

Verdict: A simple product but done very well