REVIEW: Vass waders 700-70E [VIDEO]

REVIEW: Vass waders 700-70E [VIDEO]

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When trusted sea brand Vass dipped its toes into the carp market, few could have predicted just what an impact its waders would have.

The vivid yellow straps instantly marked them out on the bank, but carp anglers quickly found these waterproof pantaloons were far from all mouth and no trousers; they were damn good.

Now firmly established in carp fishing, this British textiles company is the market leader in waders, and the 700-70E model on test here represents one of its affordable but capable products.

Firstly, these are very comfortable waders. The slight stretch in the polyester-backed PVC offers freedom of movement and a softness you might not expect from this type of wader.

The seams are quad-welded for strength and security, while the chunky boots are, dare we say it, perfect. They offer supreme grip, while the moulded 'kicker' on the heel is a great touch, enabling you to slip out of the waders with ease.

Heel kicker is a great touch

Heel kicker is a great touch

The straps - you can't write a review about Vass waders and not mention the straps! - are now part of the carping landscape, but they're also chunky enough to grab in haste and are genuinely comfortable. The clips are also simple to use with wet hands.

One thing to note, the PVC material isn't infallible and does deserve to be treated with care to avoid creating holes. That said, the Vass repair kit is easy to use and does exactly what it's meant to.

If we had £80 to spend on waders, we'd pick these.

We like:

  • Moulded 'kicker' on the heel is great for getting out of them without fuss
  • Forgiving stretch in the PVC and polyester backing offers freedom of movement
  • Classic yellow straps are comfortable and still look the part!

We dislike:

  • Treat them with love or you'll pick up holes
Those yellow straps are all the rage

Those yellow straps are all the rage