REVIEW: Sonik SK-TEK folding chairs review [VIDEO]

REVIEW: Sonik SK-TEK folding chairs review [VIDEO]

Sonik has scrunched up the rulebook with its latest range of carp chairs...

Sonik SK-TEK folding chairs review

RRP: £59.99 (Compact) and £64.99 (Standard) |

Unlike most carp chairs, these new offerings from Sonik don't pivot between the seat and backrest, they concertina into a much thinner bundle.

Anyone who's ever visited a camping store will be familiar with the design, but these are certainly much sturdier than than the brightly coloured chairs discarded en masse at the end of Glastonbury. 

The frames are made from a combination of steel and aluminium and are certainly tough, if a little weighty. The Compact version comes in at 4.8kg and the Standard weighs 5.4kg. 

The heavy-duty camo fabric looks the part, with the foam details offering a really comfortable experience. Unlike traditional carp chairs, these folding ones really seem to hug you closely.

The chairs collapse down into a neat bundle

The chairs collapse down into a neat bundle

Thankfully, both models include armrests to provide leverage when bolting to hit a run, though the foam covers do slip and slide about a bit - we would have preferred them to be anchored in place.

Each chair comes with a tough drawstring carry bag with a shoulder strap, which is a very welcome addition.

The real beauty of this range is the profile the chairs create when folded away. You can bundle these into the most awkward spaces in the car without taking up much more room than a rolled-up unhooking mat.

In fact, there are the sort of item you could stash in the boot permanently for uses beyond fishing.

We can imagine a few carp anglers looking at them with wrinkled noses, but the SK-TEKs are supremely comfortable and do offer a real space-saving solution.

They're not cheap but they are very solidly built and the supplied bag is more than just an afterthought.