REVIEW: Prologic BAT+ bite alarms

REVIEW: Prologic BAT+ bite alarms

The BAT+ bite alarm set offers distinctive looks and very good value for money

Prologic BAT bite alarm review

RRP: £99.99 (two alarms plus receiver), £129.99 (3+1), £159.99 (4+1) |

Bite alarms, above most other items of carp tackle, get instantly judged on looks.

The nuts of bolts of performance are certainly important, but if you’re going to be sitting behind them for hours on end then you want your buzzers to look the part. And these Prologic ones certainly do.

To us, the unique speaker grilles (on both the heads and receiver) call to mind a guitar amplifier and offer something different in a market of lookalikes.

The tall ears, which clearly lend the BAT+ its name, are also distinctive. The matt, almost rubberised, outers also look good and feel durable.

These alarms were tested extensively across Europe for a year before release and it’s clear a lot of thought has gone into them.

The heads and receiver are a good-looking pair

The heads and receiver are a good-looking pair

For the price, they offer great functions including a 100m range on the wireless receiver, five sensitivity settings, six volume options (plus silent) and a night-light facility.

Sets are available with all-blue LEDs or a combination of different colours. The alarm heads run off AAA batteries while the receiver used a 9v battery. Each head comes with a productive rubber case, and the receiver also has neat glow-in-the-dark sheath.