REVIEW: Nash Titan Camo T1 and T2

REVIEW: Nash Titan Camo T1 and T2

Nash’s flagship bivvy brand has a new frock for 2019, plus a new and improved peak design. Here’s our first-look review…

Nash Titan T1 and T2 camo review


RRPs: £714.99 (T1) and £824.99 (T2) |

A modern camo Titan has been a long time coming, but it looks like it’s been worth the wait with Nash’s flagship bivvy.

The Titan bivvy boasts perhaps the most recognisable silhouette in carp angling, so it’s no surprise that upgrades to this shelter generally follow the Porsche 911 attitude to design – evolution not revolution!

The most obvious upgrade for 2019 is that camo pattern. It’s a unique design created in-house at Nash and has been dubbed Fractured Nature by the Essex firm.

It manages to steer clear of looking tacky or dated, and is genuinely one of the best camouflage patterns we’ve seen recently (Avid’s is very nice, too).

The T1 is classed as a one-man bivvy but it’s still very spacious

The T1 is classed as a one-man bivvy but it’s still very spacious

The rest of the 2019 upgrades are generally subtle, but the new tension bar and peak design is a great addition which adds a pitch to the porch, stopping rainwater pooling above your head.

As with non-camo Titan T1s and T2s, there’s a removable sealed-mesh inner capsule, a zip-off front with mesh windows (cleverly also in camo) and storm panels, plus rear vents for cooling air flow.

This new peak design is pitched to stop water pooling

This new peak design is pitched to stop water pooling

The T1 is a one-man design, while the T2 has room for two bedchairs. The smaller version is 210cm deep and 290cm across at its widest point, while the T2 is 265cm deep and upto 340cm across. The T1 is 125cm tall while the T2 is 140cm high.

These are big, luxurious beasts and weigh in at 12.8kg and 15.4kg respectively, plus another 4kg-plus if you buy a matching overwrap (£296.99 for the T1 and £351.99 for the T2).

There’s even a camo version of the T1 Extreme Canopy, which vastly extends the living space of the smaller bivvy, but that’s an additional 10.5kg and £549.99. And if you want a groundsheet for that accessory, that’s another 2.3kg and £65.99.

So, theoretically, you could kit out a full T1 Camo for £1627.96, though we all know you would be able to knock off a fair few hundred quid from the recommended retail prices and these really are long-term purchases at the highest end of the market.  

At the end of the day, this is a bivvy design that has literally saved lives by withstanding falling trees in storms. And now it looks pretty in camo!