REVIEW: Mitchell Free Runner reels [VIDEO]

REVIEW: Mitchell Free Runner reels [VIDEO]

Mitchell’s newest range of freespool big-pit reels manage to pack a punch in a compact package.

Mitchell Full Runner MX6 review

Mitchell Free Runner 5000/7000
RRP: £99.99/£109.99

The MX6 Free Runner – which is available in 5000, 7000 and 9000 sizes – is a compact front-drag big-pit reel with a neatly engineered freespool system at the rear.

Clearly, the design team looked at the reel as a whole before getting down to work – they didn’t take an existing big-pit format and graft on a freespool function as an after-thought.

The result is a very good looking reel, especially in the 5000 size, which has just-right proportions and looks great from all angles.

Despite the compact body, Mitchell has managed to incorporate large spools with huge line capacity. The 7000 is the French firm’s biggest-capacity freespool reel ever, which the ability to swallow an incredibly 540yds of 12lb line.

Mitchell MX6 Full Runner review

The 5000 is no slouch in this department either. It can take 350yds of the same diameter.

The freespool function is very nicely designed, with a large lever that’s easy to grab hold of and a very clever drag-adjustment dial sitting almost inside it.

This dial allows you to adjust the tension of the freespool and is very intuitive. You can feel it tightening or loosening, so you know exactly what adjustments you are making – something other freespool reels could learn from.

Mitchell Full Runner MX6 7000

At the front, the main drag is very smooth and precise. It’s operated by a tri-spoke dial, which again is easy to wrap your fingers around in the panicked moments following a bite.

The innards include four stainless-steel corrosion-resistant ball bearings, plus one in the line roller, and the oscillation is slow for great line lay.
The main shaft also feels strong, even at the height of the stroke, so cranking in big fish won’t be a problem.

The 5000 weighs just 645g, while the 7000 is 725g, which is very good considering the combined package of big-pit capacity and freespool functionality.

With recommended retail prices of £99.99 for the former and £109.99, these are really attractive reels.