REVIEW: Kodex Munchies [VIDEO]

REVIEW: Kodex Munchies [VIDEO]

A very intriguing bait concept that lends itself to floater fishing, zig rigs and freelining...


Kodex Munchies

RRP: £4.99 |

New for 2018, these floating nuggets could be just the edge you're looking for when targeting carp on the surface, or even nearer the bottom.

Saturated with colour (of which there are four versions), the Munchies are all flavourless but emit a bright plume in the water. You can, of course, glug them with whatever you like and we reckon hemp oil would be a great addition when surface fishing.

Straight from the tub, these tough little baits float, but if you squeeze them underwater to force the air from them then they will sink. This opens up the possibility of using them for freelining and targeting fish on the bottom or in mid-water.

If you want your bait to float again, just take it out of the water and squeeze the liquid from it.


They feel a bit like bread, but are much tougher and more buoyant. Unlike bread, you can put one of these Munchies on a hair rig and have confidence that it'll stay there all day.

If you want to use them for zig-rig fishing then simply trim the nuggets to the size you wish.

At £4.99 a tub they're not cheap, but they will last a long time. We're excited to give them a good go over the warmer months.