REVIEW: Greys Xcelerate rods

REVIEW: Greys Xcelerate rods

The latest top-end carp rods from Greys are Marc Coulson's Object of Desire this month

Greys Xcelerate rods review

RRP: £369-£409.99 |

Following in the footsteps of the brilliant Aircurve, Greys’ statement that this is the best carp rod the firm has ever produced immediately raised my ageing brow.

When you consider the rod-building heritage of the company, it’s certainly a bold claim.

However, first impressions would suggest that it isn’t simply a marketing ploy to get carp anglers as interested as I was; the Xcelerate genuinely ticks a lot of boxes.

The most obvious is the blank construction, which regardless of how you dress any rod is absolutely the most important bit.

Greys’ ‘Powerlux’ nano carbon is pretty much as good as carbon gets, at least within the confines of rod building, and the power in the blank is obvious from the very first cast.

Most rods feel crisp first time out but where lesser blanks fall down is in use over time. I’m sure many of you will have heard somebody say that their rod has gone floppy and, not unlike us men, age is very often the issue!

Over time, the resins used in combining the wraps of carbon used to construct a rod blank can begin to fail. This leads to a softening of the action.

Generally, the better the rod’s construction, and the less resin needed, the longer it is before this happens and.

In the case of the really top rods it won’t happen for very many years, by which time fashion dictates that you’ve probably changed your wands anyway.

Nowhere in carp fishing is it the term ‘you get what you pay for’ more appropriate. Therein lies the slight drawback for many carp anglers – this kind of technology comes at a price.

However, if you have the budget to buy rods such as the Xcelerate then I’m confident saying that you will not be disappointed.

Several build options, each of which look terrific, and test curves make up the range, including a couple of utility rods, which Greys has made stiffer in the tip.

I applaud them for this as my baldness is, I’m certain, a result of many years pulling my hair out every time a rod manufacturer produced a marker rod with a softer tip. It simply defies logic, even more so these days when many of us double up one rod for feature finding and baiting.


Nano-carbon technology

The materials and process used to construct the Xcelerate blank are state of the art, resulting in a crisp, powerful blank that maintains it performance over long-term use.


Build options

Several handles are available, including full or abbreviated shrink wrap, cork and, my favourite, full EVA.


Quality fittings

It’s great to see a top-end rod without the horrendous ALPS reel seats. My favourite Fuji DPS18 all the way here.