REVIEW: Fox R-Series Brolly, system and extension [VIDEO]

REVIEW: Fox R-Series Brolly, system and extension [VIDEO]

We take a look at the new Fox R-Series Brolly, Brolly System and Brolly Extension...

RRPs: Fox R-Series Brolly £139.99, Brolly System £220, Infill £79.99, Extension £79.99 |

Fox might just have blown the brolly market wide open with this new range.

On the bank you would be hard pushed to tell the R-Series Brolly from its all-conquering and far more expensive big brother the Ultra 60 (and the Supa Brolly that preceded it).

This shelter looks the business and it starts from just £140.

The standard brolly. It certainly looks the part

The standard brolly. It certainly looks the part

The full system can be purchased for £220 and there’s even an innovative Brolly Extension which supersizes these shelters and fits two bedchairs with ease.

The R-Series range replaces Fox’s popular Royale brand but continues its reputation for well-priced items.

This brolly might not have the vapour shield and Ventec rip-stop fabric of the Ultra 60, but it still looks just right and the nylon covering has an impressive 10,000mm hydrostatic head waterproof rating.

There are extended side skirts, front drainage piping and four storm caps on these brollies. The standard Brolly is supplied with two storm poles, while the system comes with four.

Both have a full-sized groundsheet and both have four ribs in contact with the ground for supreme stability in high winds.

What caught our eye is the introduction of the Brolly Extension, which comes in at £80 and enables you to convert your brolly into a proper two-man shelter. It’s perhaps unlikely you’ll use this all the time if you’re a dedicated brolly angler, but as a means of converting your shelter for longer sessions or when bringing a guest it’s ideal and very well engineered.

The extension zips on to the open front of the brolly and an oversized baffle keeps wind and rain out. This clever design also means the inside space isn’t ‘pinched’ by the extension, and the optional front panel for the brolly fits perfectly on the front of the extension.

The Brolly System weighs 9kg all in and the Brolly alone is 7.5kg.