REVIEW: Daiwa Floor-It fluorocarbon

REVIEW: Daiwa Floor-It fluorocarbon

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There are fluorocarbons, and then there are proper fluorocarbons, and the old adage ‘beware cheap imitations’ never applied more appropriately than when choosing one, writes Marc Coulson.

Daiwa’s Floor-It was always one of the better ones, but I always felt it a little wiry. To be fair, all fluorocarbons are inherently stiffer than monofilaments, but Daiwa recognised this and, more recently, launched this softer version.

The result is a supple fluoro, more akin to a mono in terms of performance and feel.

Super soft and manageable, this one's a market leader

Super soft and manageable, this one's a market leader

It will never be as soft as an equivalent-breaking-strain mono and any fluorocarbon claiming otherwise should not be trusted.

Similarly, the dense nature of fluorocarbon restricts its casting potential, but a softer one like this will still fly out further than a more stiff fluoro.

As you’d expect, Floor-It is almost invisible under water, although you should always bear in mind that all fluorocarbons pick up more waterborne particles than monos and so should be kept clean.

It’s easy enough to do, simply wind it through a damp cloth every now and then, maybe on the retrieve when packing up, for example.

As the name suggests, Floor-It also sinks like a stone. Even at close range it can be a strange feeling when lifting the line off the bottom to wind in, or even on the take.

It’s certainly feels very different from mono and I like that sensation.

In my opinion there are only a handful of really good fluorocarbon lines out there, with lots of others that are decent enough but not on the same level as these.

I’d definitely count Daiwa’s Floor-It Super Soft as one of the handful that I’d put my trust in.