REVIEW: Coleman 2 Way Panel Light+

REVIEW: Coleman 2 Way Panel Light+

Both a torch and a bivvy light, this rugged little unit from Coleman is tough enough for all carp-fishing scenarios.

RRP: £26.99 |

Rugged and good on batteries

Rugged and good on batteries

  • We like: Great on batteries, seriously rugged
  • We dislike: Torch function won't see much use from carpers

The first thing you notice about this product when used as a bivvy light is the strength of the magnet that clamps it in place. 

This will not fall down in a storm or when accidentally knocked, though if you do drop it the shatterproof polycarbonate lens and 12-metre shock resistance will soak up the punishment.

A single rubberised button cycles through the lighting options, including turning the panel light from high (200 lumens) to low (20 lumens). The lower setting will provide a soft ambient light, while the higher setting is very bright indeed.

Coleman promises 20 hours of battery life on ‘high’ and 55 hours on ‘low’, and from our on-the-bank tests we’re inclined to believe them. The higher setting also shows no sign of dimming even after prolonged use.

The torch setting is probably of limited use to carp anglers who are likely to own a headtorch, but it’s a nice option to have and the 100-lumen beam can stay lit for 100 hours.

The 2 Way Panel Light is also water resistant, so will easily withstand bivvy condensation or being caught out in a shower.

Coleman’s BatteryLock system is also a nifty feature, allowing you to disengage the battery terminals when the light isn’t in use – warding off battery drain and corrosion.