REVIEW: Berkley Fireline Ultra 8

REVIEW: Berkley Fireline Ultra 8

For many, Berkley Fireline has always been the best braid for carp fishing, but now a new version promises to be even better...


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Fireline has long been the go-to braid for carp anglers, but this famous brand has now been given a significant update.

Where original Fireline was formed from four fused Dyneema strands, this new version is made from double that number.

Berkley claims this makes the braid rounder, smoother and quieter through the rings. It also says Fireline Ultra 8 is an impressive four times more abrasion resistant than the original.

The differences between the old and the new are certainly perceptible when placed side by side, but we will give this new braid a few months of abuse before giving our final judgement. 

Grey in colour, the new Fireline comes on spools of 150m or 300m in a range of breaking strains.