Primus Primetech Stove Set

Primus Primetech Stove Set

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Engineered to work, and keep on working

Engineered to work, and keep on working

As is often the way in carp fishing, if you want a serious stove you best look towards the outdoor market for the very best available.

And if you ask any serious outdoorsman about stoves, Primus will be one of the first names they mention. Started in Sweden 125 years ago, Primus knows a thing or two about cooking al fresco.

Its latest burner-and-pan set fits the carp angler’s demands perfectly – it’s light and ultra-tough, but also beautifully engineered. Camping stoves shouldn’t be bought for their looks, but we can’t help marvel at the way this set combines form and function.


You get a burner with an integrated windscreen, two 1.3-litre pots (one with a ceramic non-stick coating and a built-in heat exchanger), a lockable pan handle, a piezo igniter so there’s no need for matches, a lid for the pans, an insulated carry bag and a ground protector.


The regulated gas valve and the burner’s built-in windshield means this is one efficient stove. A litre of water should take 3m 30s to boil on the 2000w burner.

If you’ve been using a cheap camping stove with no heat shields or exchangers you will instantly notice just how rapid this one is.

Primus also says a standard 230g gas cartridge should burn for a fraction under two hours on the Primetech. All very impressive stats, but the one that strikes us is the weight of the whole set – just 727g (25.6oz).

As well as the two supplied pots, you can also use any larger pan you may already have thanks to the fold-out pan supports on the burner.

The fold-out pot stands mean you can use any pan

The fold-out pot stands mean you can use any pan

Another couple of neat features that caught our eye are the built-in colander in the pan lid, which makes draining pasta on the bank a doddle, and the clip on the base of the burner which holds the gas cable in place when you’re storing the unit.

Finally, the lockable handle which can be used on either pan is actually a lockable handle. So many camping sets fall down with untrustworthy handles that make taking a boiling pan off the heat a nervous lottery. This Primus one is, like the rest of the Primetech set, well designed and perfectly executed.


At over £100 this isn’t a budget set, but it’s exquisitely constructed and built to last. A proper cult item for the regular carp angler.