OBJECT OF DESIRE: Solar P1 Worldwide Pod

OBJECT OF DESIRE: Solar P1 Worldwide Pod

Our latest premium-product review from tackle editor Marc Coulson is the exquisitely crafted Solar P1 Worldwide Pod.


RRP: £299 (buzzer bars extra) | www.solartackle.co.uk | BUY NOW

It’s a well-known fact that if you want the best you often have to pay a premium for it.

British-made and at the cutting edge of pod design, the P1 Worldwide is truly something to behold and represents a level of craftsmanship seldom seen in carp fishing circles.

CAD-designed and precision-engineered, every component is perfectly made and screams quality.

The Worldwide is supremely versatile and adjustable, can be set up perfectly level on a range of surfaces and, with the addition of longer and shorter sticks, can be given a profile exactly to your liking.

There are even Euro extensions available to really set it up for extreme fishing - little wonder this pod is so popular on the Continent.

One flaw with many pods is that your rods sit far too high off the ground, but that isn’t an issue here. The legs, when splayed out and in conjunction with the short uprights, make for a low configuration which is ultra-stable.

It’s not the cheapest pod on the market, granted, especially when you consider it does not come with buzz bars. Start adding the really short or extra-long legs, and any other additional extras and it becomes a significant investment indeed.

However, what that buys is a British-designed and made pod of the highest quality, which you can take anywhere and that will genuinely last you a fishing lifetime.


Each leg is independently adjustable, making it perfect for even the most uneven ground.

Solar P1 Worldwide pod review

The dedicated carry bag keeps the packed down pod tidy and safe from any knocks in transit.

Solar pod review

The Worldwide can be set low to the ground thanks to the optional, short uprights.