In this review slot normally reserved for top-end items, we make a rare exception for a reel worthy of carrying on the Emblem legacy. Marc Coulson is your guide...

Emblem 35 SCW 5000C QD review

£149.99 | www.daiwasports.co.uk

Usually reserved for top-of-the-range items that are out of the reach of many of us, this month’s Object Of Desire is a reel that certainly looks the part and performs brilliantly, and yet costs considerably less than you might think.

To most of us, £150 is still not an unsubstantial investment in a carp reel, especially when buying three, but there is no inflated ‘carp tax’ here – the Emblem 35 SCW is worth every last penny.

Does it look almost too good?

Does it look almost too good?

Following in a long line of Emblems, which have epitomized reliability even if they haven’t always appealed to everybody’s taste (the famous ‘Baboon’s Bum’ versions being an example, albeit that reel now rightly claims cult status).

The reliable performance has not only been retained but vastly improved upon, and several refinements make this Emblem very much a modern reel in every sense.

A very modern Emblem

A very modern Emblem

The line lay is terrific, thanks to the Slow-Cross Wrap system which the Emblem employs to create a slower oscillation than previous models, leading to effortless line dispersal from the spool on the cast.

This casting potential is further enhanced by the 35mm spool (hence the moniker), which allows the use of even the thickest lines and leaders without fuss.

The inclusion of both deep and shallow spools add further to the reel’s superb value, something which makes the very top-end reels even more expensive in the long run.

It's packed with features

It's packed with features

Finally, for now at least, the Emblem 35 SCW looks superb and is very much in keeping with modern trends for an understated, all-black body projecting the appearance of a reel which carries a significantly higher price tag.

Herein lies the only possible downside to the Emblem. With so many carp anglers buying on looks – who doesn’t want their kit to look the best – I can see this reel hurting the sales of Daiwa’s more exclusive models.

In fact, conversely, if I owned £400 Daiwas I’d be a bit miffed at just how good this reel looks and performs!




Daiwa’s now legendary quick-drag allows transition from locked-up to free-spool in less than a single rotation of the drag knob.


Daiwa’s new system which creates a super-slow oscillation, resulting in superb line lay and long casts.


Further adding to the Emblem’s exceptional value, two spools, deep and shallow, are supplied with every one.