LONG-TERM REVIEW: Fox Exocet mainline

LONG-TERM REVIEW: Fox Exocet mainline

RRP: £21.99 (1,000m bulk spool) | www.foxint.com

Fox Exocet monofilament mainline has been on Marc Coulson's spools for more than two years. Here's his review of this carp mainline...

Used for: 2 years

In a sentence: “Smooth, supple and extremely strong.”

Strong but castable, Marc's verdict on the 20lb Exocet

Strong but castable, Marc's verdict on the 20lb Exocet

Braid is usually my preferred choice of mainline but a couple of years ago I needed to spool up with monofilament on a syndicate lake that was top to bottom with weed, yet in places required a cast of well over 100yds to reach the fish.

Was there a mono out there that would cope with the green stuff but not have a restrictively thick diameter when it came to casting, I wondered.

A passionate and honest recommendation from Tom Maker soon saw me ordering some 20lb Exocet and I haven’t looked back since.

It bedded down extremely well, once pre-soaked and loaded onto my Tournaments, and I was genuinely and pleasantly surprised from the very first cast.

Chucking solid PVA bags into visible holes in the weed, the line sailed off the spool and through the rings.

My casting is relatively modest but the Exocet reached all the places I needed it to, up to around 120yds or so.

Not bad for 20lb line, right?

It’s not one of those lines that has been given a fantasy rating either as, when casting the aforementioned bags,  playing fish and pulling hard to retrieve rigs from thick weedbeds it didn’t break once, or even feel like it might.

There are a lot of good monofilament lines out there, but for my needs the Exocet proved perfect and it remains on my reels to this day, albeit I will be trying the newer Trans Khaki-coloured version this autumn.