LONG-TERM REVIEW: Deeper Pro+ fishfinder

LONG-TERM REVIEW: Deeper Pro+ fishfinder

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In this long-term review, Carpfeed tackle editor Marc Coulson explores the merits of the Deeper Pro Plus fishfinder...

Last season on my syndicate, the weed was so abundant that my ‘feature finding’ was restricted to areas where I could get a lead to actually make it to the bottom.

This season, however, appears to be one of those fallow years in the weed cycle and there is very little of the stuff reaching the surface of the 8ft-deep gravel pit.

The Deeper in action

The Deeper in action

Because of this, I was minded to have a few casts with a Deeper Pro Plus, which a friend had lent me, in a bid to find any variations in depth that might not have been obvious with a lead alone.

Out of the box I found the instructions simple enough to follow and soon had the Deeper in sync with my phone, via the appropriate app.

The unit transmits on its own WiFi, so you do not need external internet or even a phone signal to use it, which is a bonus on many lakes I visit.

The stated range on it is 80 metres (around 22 wraps) and although I got a signal at the extreme end of this, it was obvious that it was struggling.

However, up to 20 wraps it was really clear and in just a few minutes I had gathered information that would have taken hours with the marker rod, and highly detailed information at that!

The unit is easily castable

The unit is easily castable

I didn’t use the fish finder facility, as I consider watercraft the biggest skill in carp fishing and I prefer to rely on my own ability in this respect.

However, for those who want to use it as such, I’m told by some boat-angler friends that it works a treat.

For me, though, in terms of depths and working out the make-up of the lakebed, the Deeper Pro Plus immediately impressed, and has done so ever since.

The only slight drawbacks were losing the signal occasionally when the water was particularly choppy, and also losing sight of the black unit.

However, there is an orange cover available, which features an LED light too.

I went on to use it another half-dozen times, exploring several swims on a couple of different venues, until I had to return it, begrudgingly. I’m already saving up to buy one of my own though...


Having been a little sceptical about the merits of using a sonar, I was hugely impressed with the Deeper Pro Plus.

It certainly isn’t cheating – far from it. It’s a tool that can help you to really improve your carp fishing , or elements of it at least.

I think I’d be tempted to incorporate a wire trace when using it on lakes containing pike, though!

The Deeper sends underwater info back to your phone

The Deeper sends underwater info back to your phone