LONG-TERM REVIEW: Aqua Staxx boxes

LONG-TERM REVIEW: Aqua Staxx boxes

RRP: £29.99 to £44.99 | www.aquaproducts.co.uk

Tackled editor Marc Coulson casts his eye over the Aqua Products Staxx boxes...

Used for: 6 months

In a sentence: “A Godsend, albeit a pricey one.”

The 15-litre version lives in Marc's car

The 15-litre version lives in Marc's car

I first saw these at The Big One earlier this year and, while my initial assessment was probably similar to most people’s, they have actually proved to be more than ‘just green plastic boxes’.

Who knew that boxes like these could be of so much use? Well, they have been, and I wouldn’t be without mine now.

The smallest of four sizes, the 10-litre Staxx has been filled with rig-tying essentials and it now lives under my bed. What? It could be worse, there could have been all manner of other things under there, not that I’d tell you!

Anyway, it’s proven extremely handy already and makes regular appearances while my partner is having a night of television in bed. Who says romance is dead, her watching EastEnders and me tying up a load of 360s!

I have the next biggest Staxx as well, the 15-litre, which lives in the boot of my car and is home to all my spares, such as gas, finger stall, a set of clean pants, toilet roll, batteries and leads.

If I run out of any of these mid-session then I know there are always some extras in the motor.

Three of the four different sizes

Three of the four different sizes

The final Staxx in my collection is the largest, 30-litre box – there’s also a 20- litre Staxx, but I don’t have one – which lives in the garage and is brimming with bags of pellets and other baits that might otherwise be subject to the local mouse family’s attentions.

Okay, so yes, they are glorified plastic boxes, I guess, and expensive ones at that, but they’re extremely well made, fit together perfectly when stacked and have secure lids.

They have secure clips and are a carpy green with the Aqua logo suitably adorning the lids. Oh, and this is carp fishing: we pay more for stuff, period.