Found Online: Nene Valley Kettles review

Bespoke engraved carp kettles come under Marc Coulson's gaze in another installment of our Found Online series looking at interesting products from smaller tackle firms...



If you spend any time on Instagram then you'll probably have seen some of the amazing engraving that Nene Valley Kettles’ Ben Redley offers.

Each piece is lovingly engraved with Ben painstakingly taking care of every last detail. I sent him a RidgeMonkey kettle a few weeks ago along with photographs of my two favourite carp captures and my beloved Jack Russell Floki.

Marc's kettle was sent off to Ben and given a makeover including a para-cord handle

Marc's kettle was sent off to Ben and given a makeover including a para-cord handle

The result was a work of art with each fish and the dog recreated beautifully, so much so in fact that I’m not sure I can contemplate using the kettle itself for fear of damaging his work.

Getting your kettle engraved seems to be the current trend among hipster carp anglers and while I’m certainly not that, despite my beard, I did fancy a piece of the action and I’m thrilled that I did so.

I absolutely love my new kettle which is now so much more then just a vessel to boil water in for my life-maintaining tea on the bank.

Marc's dog Floki was part of the engraving

Marc's dog Floki was part of the engraving

It’s now a unique piece of craftsmanship which only I own in this version, and I’m hoping it will prove to be a lucky omen.

In fact, I deliberately asked Ben not to work on the last side of the square kettle as I’m saving that space for when I catch the big common from my syndicate.

I love the para-cord handle that he fashioned for the kettle as well, the perfect icing on the cake, so to speak.

I should mention that Ben did say the larger version of RidgeMonkey’s square kettle did prove a lot easier to work on than other, smaller and rounder versions so it might be worth bearing that in mind.

A unique piece

A unique piece

He also exquisitely engraves other items such as teaspoons; the detail on which are remarkable considering their size.

I haven’t had one of those done as I’m certain I’d lose it, but I’m hoping my amazing new kettle lasts long enough to get that final side completed.