Found Online: Bivvy Loo review

Continuing our Found Online series looking at tackle items from smaller web retailers, Marc Coulson reviews Carp Life Products' Bivvy Loo


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This is without doubt one of those products that you don’t fully appreciate until you’ve used it, which is why I think it’s had a mixed reception on some social-media pages.

Take it from me, however, it is a great piece of kit that I have appreciated using on several occasions!

It's a collapsible bankside toilet

It's a collapsible bankside toilet

Previously, I have always take an old bait bucket with me in order to, let’s say, take care of business, having spent too many years crouched in bushes or over a bin liner, which is uncomfortable at best and a downright pain at worst.

The bucket, however, was big and bulky and was always that final item which I didn’t really have room for on the barrow.

No such problems any more as the collapsible Bivvy Loo packs down to an extremely flat package which slots in my under-barrow bag or in a front pannier-type bag with ease.

You can store a few bags and some wipes inside it and when you first get one it comes supplied with 12 sachets of what they term ‘waste managing powder,’ along with biodegradable wipes and bags, which can be topped up separately.

Mine have long since been exhausted and I just use bags and dispose of them in the bin aside a particular lay-by on my way home from my syndicate.

One question I’ve seen asked on various platforms has revolved around the strength of the Bivvy Loo in use.

As it’s a collapsible design, why doesn’t it crumple when you’re sitting on it? Well, it locks in place and has a rating over 23 stone, so you really have no fears.

I’m a big lad, thankfully nowhere near that upper limit, and despite a little trepidation the first time I sat on it I’ve never had any concerns.

Easier to store than a bucket

Easier to store than a bucket

The toilet-lid-shaped top section is far more comfortable than a bucket, even if you have added some pipe lagging to the rim as many anglers do.

It is a tad smaller than an actual toilet and, without going into any gory details, I have found it can create a slight vacuum, releasing any odours with some considerable aplomb when alighting.

That might just be down to my large posterior, but I thought it worthy of note.

I was going to describe the Bivvy Loo as a handy item, but it’s actually proved to be an essential on any trip longer than a day-only outing. I’m free to enjoy whatever food I want on the bank without that nagging fear of repercussions later in the session and without having to take a bucket.