FIRST-LOOK REVIEW: Sonik SK-TEK sleeping bag [VIDEO]

FIRST-LOOK REVIEW: Sonik SK-TEK sleeping bag [VIDEO]

We take an early look at Sonik's innovative new sleeping bag with drawstring toggles at each end.

Sonik sleeping bag review

RRP: £89.99 |

The new Sonik SK-TEK sleeping bag is a five-season bag for under £90, which is impressive enough on its own, but it's the neat touches that really elevate this product above its rivals.

The most noticeable feature is the drawstring toggle system at both ends.

Sleeping bags work by using your own body heat to warm the air around you. The more efficient this process is (either by limiting the amount of heated air that can escape, or by reducing the amount of space you need to heat), the better the insulation.

With this in mind, the toggles are simple but very effective in reducing the 'dead air' around the slimmest parts of your body.

By cocooning your feet, you don't have pockets of cold air in the far corners of the bag. The same principle applies at the head end, though we can imagine some users might leave these toggles loose to ward off claustrophobia.

There's a simple-but-effective toggle system at either end

There's a simple-but-effective toggle system at either end

Also at the head end are two little hand pockets sewn into both corners of the top of the bag. Again, it's a simple touch but a welcome one, allowing anglers to really hunker down on cold nights.

Good zips are a must on any fishing bag and our initial assessment here is that the SK-TEK's are spot on and won't impede a quick exit in the event of a bite. 

The insulation is silicone-treated hollow fibre and the ripstop outer material gives a lovely feel and finish.

The polyester-lined inside base allows freedom of movement, while the inside top layer's fleece material provides comfort.

The fleece stops short of the head area, where a section of smoother polyester is in place to prevent stubble and beard irritation - we kid you not, Sonik have clearly put a lot of thought into this one!

The head end even has a soft section to stop beard irritation

The head end even has a soft section to stop beard irritation

Another neat feature is the elasticated centre strap that keeps the bag in place on your bedchair. It offers a bit more movement than most bags, meaning you can keep the material closer to your body in the mid-section, again helping warmth retention.

The SK-TEK sleeping bag weighs 3.8kg and measures 215cm by 90cm. We have yet to test it fully, but our initial impressions are very favourable indeed. A full review will follow.