BivviesThom AirsVideo, Nash, Titan


BivviesThom AirsVideo, Nash, Titan

The Nash Titan T3 is massive. In fact, it's the biggest Titan ever made, and there have been plenty of versions of this iconic bivvy down the years.

RRP: £879.99 |

This thing is vast. Big enough to swallow two Nash Emperor bedchairs with plenty of space left over in the middle.

It's aimed squarely at the holiday and continental market but, unlike some other carp tents in this area, it still looks like a proper bivvy.

It is, in essence, a standard Titan scaled up. Way up! And we like that - it doesn't look like a green version of a farmer's poly tunnel or a wedding marquee, it looks like a proper bivvy. 

There's an inner capsule for ventilation and extra comfort, while two rear panels open up to add extra air-flow through the massive living space.

All in, it weighs a hefty 23.3kg but the Titan T3 isn't for mobile anglers and doesn't pretend otherwise.

If you're wondering just how big it is then we'll provide the stats. It's 3.15m deep, 3.75m wide at the front and 1.75m (5ft 7ins) tall. 

There are various front-door options and an optional overwrap, which at £384.99 takes the total cost to well over £1,200. Add in the heavy-duty groundsheet at £87.99 and you're looking at a considerable spend.

Those that baulk at that figure should note that demand for these types of bivvies, especially in Europe, is surprisingly buoyant. The earlier T2 was deemed more than big enough by Nash, but this T3 is the response to anglers who want something even larger.