FIRST-LOOK REVIEW: Daiwa Infinity EVO MT 10ft and 7ft rods [VIDEO]

FIRST-LOOK REVIEW: Daiwa Infinity EVO MT 10ft and 7ft rods [VIDEO]

Daiwa has launched a range of premium shorter carp rods and we just had to take a look…

Daiwa Infinity EVO MT 10ft review

10ft Infinity Evo MT 2.75

10ft Infinity Evo MT 3.0

10ft Infinity Evo MS 3.25

7ft Inifinity Evo Stalker

RRP: £299 each

Daiwa’s top-end Infinity Evo range of rods, which launched last year with a set of 12-footers, has been bolstered with the introduction of more models. But perhaps not in the way you would imagine.

Instead of going longer and stronger, Daiwa has gone shorter and more precise with a new lineup of 10ft rods designed to offer maximum precision on typical British waters.

There’s even a new 10ft spod rod, so you know the Scottish tackle giant is taking this seriously.

Oh, and an absolutely beautiful 7ft stalking rod. But more of those two specialist tools later.

The Infinity Evo MT 10-footer comes in either 2.75lb or 3lb-test-curve versions.

Straight from the bag they instantly feel different if you’re used to more conventional 12ft or 13ft rods.

The blank is incredibly thin, and you really notice that when clutching the shrink-wrapped handle, and the overall weight is minimal.

Put on a suitably compact reel (we used a Castizm in our on-the-bank test) and these become a rod you actually relish picking up and using.

An unexpected bonus of the 10ft length is just how easy they are to wield around a tight swim.

Wrapping up with distance sticks and turning from your bivvy to your casting position doesn’t endanger the tip, and positioning a bait from beneath overhanging trees is made much easier.

If you’re a committed user of 12ft rods, then using one of these Infinity Evos on a venue that doesn’t demand ultra-long-range casting could be something of epiphany.

It was for us. These are, quite simply, incredible rods that’ll make you question your reliance on 12ft rods.

With a 10ft 3lb Infinity Evo MT in your hands you’ll wonder why you need that extra 24ins.

Remember, the first-ever commercially available carp rod – the historic Richard Walker MkIV – was a 10-footer, and lengths only later crept up to 12ft thanks to long-range pioneers like Rod Hutchinson.

Since then there’s been a blind acceptance among most carp anglers that their rods have to be 12ft long, when most of their angling doesn’t actually require it.

These 10-footers could change the way you look at shorter rods

These 10-footers could change the way you look at shorter rods

What makes these so good? Daiwa isn’t playing games here, these aren’t gimmicky rods.

Made in Britain, they’re packed with all the technology the company can throw at them and the end result is a rod that cast with arrow-straight precision and is – believe us – a hoot to play fish on.

The Infinity Evos have Daiwa’s High Volume Fibre feature, which means there are many more carbon fibres in the blank than weight-adding resin, which is used to bulk out many lesser rods.

The MT in the name stands for Magnum Taper, which has been a staple of Daiwa’s high-end rods for many years. This is a tried-and-tested balance between casting power, precision and fish-playing abilities.

Finally on the tech side, these rods have Daiwa’s X45 process. Conventional carbon fibres are layered at a 90-degree angle, but X45 adds layering at 45 degrees to create a strong rod that’s much less prone to twisting under load. For carpers, that means much more accurate casting ability.

Away from the pair of main fishing rods, there’s also the MS 3.25lb-test-curve 10-footer.

MS stands for Mini Spod, so this one a baiting-up tool designed to fill a niggling gap in the market.

The MS mini spod rod

The MS mini spod rod

If you’ve ever tried to spod at short or medium range with a traditional beefy spod rod, you’ll probably have found the experience woolly and imprecise.

When not under a great casting load, these stiffer rods can be a pig to use. That’s where the MS comes in – offering enough power to launch a laden spod, but doing so with feel and precision at any distance.

It’s easily capable of hurling a Midi Spomb 100yds, but its qualities lie in delivering bait expertly closer in.

Finally, there’s an event shorter rod in the range, and it is a heart-breaking beauty.

The 7ft Infinity Evo Stalker is a 3lb-test-curve stalking rod that you’ll want to take home and put under your pillow.

The 7ft Stalker is a joy

The 7ft Stalker is a joy

The sumptuous cork handle has one planed surface and a curvy profile a bit like a float rod, making it comfortable for prolonged use, and its 7ft length make it ideal for poking through holes in the undergrowth and getting close to fish.

With a 3lb test curve it’s got plenty of power to subdue charging carp in hit-and-hold situations, despite feeling almost weightless when paired with something like the GS3000 LTD reel.

In short, picking up these rods after a lifetime of using 12-footers is like stepping out of a mundane saloon car and into a hot hatchback. Ditch the unnecessary weight and bulk and put a smile back on your face.