Dynamite Baits' new 2018 pellets, particles, pastes and oils

Dynamite Baits' new 2018 pellets, particles, pastes and oils

We take a look at Dynamite Baits' new Monster Tiger Nut pellets, Tuff Pastes, Particles & Pulses range, oils and X-TRA Active Stick Mixes...

Dynamite Evolution Oils review

Dynamite Evolution oils range

RRP: £4.99

Flavours: Hemp, Monster Tiger Nut, Citrus, Smoked Salmon, Robin Red,  

Size: 300ml

Quite possible our favourite new Dynamite product, these oils offer a wide range of flavours and are very simple to use and store.

Available in 300ml bottles and five different flavours, all bases are covered here. Our pick is the classic hemp, which will boost stick mixes, floaters, boiles and just about any bait you can think of.

The Citrus version is the real curiosity of the range, and it's not as 'sharp' or lemony as you might fear. It's offers a much more rounded fruit smell and, like all of these liquids, is optimised for winter use.

The bottles also offer a tapered nozzle which can be used to pierce PVA bags and inject the PVA-friendly oils directly into your mix. 

Monster Tiger Nut pellets review

Dynamite Monster Tiger Nut Advanced Feed Pellets

RRP: £4.99

Sizes: 4mm, 6mm, 8mm

Dynamite’s Monster Tiger Nut boilies have been a top-performing boilie for a long while, and now there’s a range of pellets to match.

These low-oil pellets have the same sweet nutty smell of their boilie counterparts and come in three sizes.

We reckon the 4mm pellets will be ideal for solid PVA bags, while the larger (6mm and 8mm) sizes can be added to your spod mix or used inside PVA mesh bags.

These are definitely a high-quality pellet, made with tiger nut flour and tiger nut extract, that offer something different to the more widespread fishmeal options.

The sturdy bags are resealable but are only available in a 900g size, which is our only slight complaint.

Dynamite Active Stick Mix review

Dynamite X-TRA Active Stick Mix

RRP: £4.99

Flavours: Fishmeal, Sweet & Nutty, Spicy

These little tubs are a brilliant new addition to Dynamite’s range.

Each of the three flavours has the perfect texture for creating potent PVA stick mixes – there’s a range of particle sizes that bed down into the perfect mix.

When compressed into a PVA stick, these particles burst into life beneath the surface and leak off a lovely cloud of attraction when disturbed.

Again the tubs are fairly small at 650g, but at under a fiver they’re perfect for a weekend session.

Dynamite Tuff Pastes review

Dynamite Tuff Pastes

RRP: £4.99

Flavours: Complex-T, Crave, Monster Tiger Nut Red-Amo, Source, Monster Tiger Nut

Already finding favour with chub and barbel anglers, these new pastes in five key flavours are well worth a look for carp anglers.

Each has a deep, rich aroma and the perfect Play-Doh-like consistency. Dynamite suggests wrapping not only your boilies but also your leads in these pastes, and that’s certainly a tactic that might just surprise a few pressured carp this spring and summer.

Of the five flavours, the two tiger-nut-based versions are our picks of the bunch.

Dynamite Pulses & Particles review

Dynamite Sweet & Milky Pulses & Particles

RRP: £10.99 a jar or £3.99 a tin

Sizes: 2.5l jar or 700g tin

Many years ago, Dynamite revolutionised the way anglers buy particles with its 2.5l jars of ready-prepared baits.

That range has now expanded in 2018 to include a trio of new offerings. The Sweet & Milky version is a great addition to the line-up and kicks off a cloudy plume when introduced to the water.

Made without preservatives, this mix of pulses and particles is treated with sweet palatants and, like all Dynamite particles, is cooked in the jar to retain all the natural oils.

The size of the particles is a real mix, with hemp, wheat and maize all visible when you crack open the seal and get a whiff of the sweet aroma. With tares, maples and mung beans also included, we think these will be very popular indeed.

Dynamite Krill Pulses & Particles

RRP: £10.99 a jar or £3.99 a tin

Sizes: 2.5l jar or 700g tin

Krill flavours have been very popular with carp anglers in recent years, and Dynamite has responded with a particle mix to match.

Infused with real Arctic krill and a bit of Robin Red, these preservative-free particles kick off a distinctive fishy smell.

Like the rest of Dynamite’s new range of pulses and particles, these jars and tins contain hemp, wheat, maize, tares, maple peas and mung beans. That mix of sizes creates an ideal baiting situation, getting the fish to pick off larger items and grub around for the smaller morsels.

Dynamite Naked Pulses & Particles

RRP: £9.99 a jar, £3.75 a tin

Sizes: 2.5l jar or 700g tin

As the name suggests, this is an unflavoured version of the two products above.

All of the particles kick off their own oils and flavours, so there is still plenty of attraction to draw carp in.

Alternatively, this naked version is a great base for adding your own flavours and attractants, though we would be more than happy to use these straight from the chair.

The mix contains maple peas, tares, hemp, maize and mung beans.