BUYER'S GUIDE: The best five-season carp sleeping bags

BUYER'S GUIDE: The best five-season carp sleeping bags

If you're looking for the best carp sleeping bag to keep you warm in the harshest conditions then this collection of reviews and information should help you make an informed purchase.

Tackle editor Marc Coulson explains...


I've often wondered what it's called. You know, the fifth season which all sleeping-bag makers refer to.

Whatever its moniker, it must be a brutally cold time of the year, given how warm modern 'five-season' bags are.

Even the hardiest souls are not immune to feeling the cold during the winter, and a warm sleeping bag is an absolute must at this time of year.


1) Lining materials

Many anglers prefer their bags to be fleece-lined, but although warm, these sleeping bags can be hard to move about it in, especially if you're also wearing a garment made of fleece-like material.

It may be that a combination of fleece and cotton/polyester linings will be more to your liking.

2) Crash zips

If you're lucky enough to get a bite in the depths of a winter night, the last thing you need is to find yourself stuck trying to get out of your bag in a hurry. 

Smooth, easily located zips are an absolute essential on any sleeping bag worth its salt.

3) Fill

There are a range of natural and man-made materials that a sleeping bag can be filled with in order to provide maximum insulation.

Sometimes the choice is a trade off between warmth and weight, but modern materials continue to improve, creating lightweight bags with great heat-retaining properties.

4) Layering

Many modern sleeping bags now feature a layering system so that you can remove and replace inner sheets for year-round use.

If there is just one layer then you might find it a bit hot in your bag during the warmer months.

5) Dimensions

Let's face it, we're not all built the same and so some anglers will prefer a wider bag.

Only use one of these if you need it, though, as too much internal space will lead to cold spots inside your sleeping bag. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Gardner Carp Duvet Plus

RRP: £125.99 |

Gardner Carp Duvet Plus review

This generously proportioned and superbly made bag is not only warm, but also looks very carpy in its camo livery.

It's a three-layered bag, but the central sheet is detachable to create a four-season cocoon, whereas with this sheet replaced it's a genuine five-season bag which isn't overly heavy or bulky.

Great bit of kit.

Chub Vantage 5-Season

RRP: £99.99 |

chub vantage five-season sleeping bag review

Boasting a more traditional design than most, the Vantage offers superb value for money.

Zips run three-quarter length to increase insulation in a vital area, and a drawstring here also improves heat retention.

A fleece upper and polyester base combine to make it warm but easy to move around in.

An excellent all-round bed.

Avid Carp Benchmark

RRP: £134.99 - £149.99 |

Avid sleeping bag review

I love the fact that with this bag you can switch between peachskin or fleece linings by flipping the nearer of the two internal sheets.

External baffles prevent any cold air ingress, while chunky crash zips allow a rapid exit.

The waterproof and windproof outer adds insulation, and the hollow-fibre filling retains heat superbly.

In standard and XL versions.

Fox Ven-Tec VRS2

RRP: £209.99 |

fox ven-tec VRS2 sleeping bag review

There are three sizes of this bag available - compact, standard and wide - each boasting a rip-stop Ven-Tec waterproof outer.

The multiple layers combine to create a seriously warm sleeping bag, but also allow you to choose which layers you sleep between.

Each is fleece covered and there are excellent crash zips throughout.

A very warm, well-made bag.

Wychwood Morpheus Ultra 7

RRP: £149.99 |

wychwood morpheus ultra 7 sleeping bag review

No stone has been left unturned in the development of this out-and-out winter bag, designed solely with warmth in mind.

The panelled construction helps the fill to stay in place, while the windproof and waterproof outer creates extra insulation.

Tested to a rating of -15c, you're not getting cold in this bag!