How to tie the Ronnie rig (spinner rig)

How to tie the Ronnie rig (spinner rig)

This pop-up presentation, known as the Ronnie rig or spinner rig, burst onto the carp scene in 2016 after many years of secrecy. It's a variation of the controversial 360 rig and allows the hook to spin completely round while presenting a pop-up low to the lakebed.

Here's how you tie the Ronnie rig...

Step-by-step guide to tying the Ronnie rig

1) Cut a 1cm length of medium or large shrink tube (depending on hook size).

2) Thread the shrink tube on to a curved-shank hook. This is the ideal hook type for this rig.

3) This is the unique (and slightly fiddly) part of this rig. Attach the hook to the crook of a quick link ring swivel. If the crook opens out too much, squeeze it closed again with pliers.

4) Thread a hookbait swivel and a hook bead on to the hook (the shrink tube is still present, hidden by the thumb in this image).

5) Thread the shrink tube down over the hook's eye and on to the barrel of the quick link swivel.

6) Constrict the shrink tube by dunking it in boiling water. It should form a continuation of the hook's curve. Tie on your chosen boom material (coated braid is ideal).

7) Use putty over the bottom half of the shrink tubing to counterbalance your pop-up.