Solid PVA bag rig

A tactic that every angler should have in their armoury, the solid PVA bag is a devastating tool on busy day-ticket waters and beyond. Here's Mark Pitchers' version...

Step-by-step tying guide

1) Take a length of supple braid, tie a small loop knot in one end and attach a pop-up hookbait.

2) Thread the braid through a small piece of silicon tubing (0.5mm bore for hooks to size 6, or 0.7mm for larger ones) and then thread that on to the bend of the hook.

3) Secure the hook with a standard knotless knot.

4) Cut a piece of shrink tubing to size and thread it up the braid and over the hook eye.

5) A Fox Kwik Change pop-up weight (in size AAA for a 12mm pop-up) is Mark's choice of counterbalance. The weight slips over the braid and is secured by a length of rubber that stretches to fit into the inside the ovaloid before being cut to size. 

6) Use a cup of boiled water to constrict the shrink tubing over the hook. Dunking the tubing in water is less likely to damage your line than holding it over steam.

7) The rig should be kept short (4ins is ideal) and tied off with a figure-of-eight loop knot before attach to a swivel on an inline lead.