How to tie the KD rig

How to tie the KD rig

First tied with fly-fishing hooks by Essex innovator Kenny Dorset, this simple-but-effective rig is perfect for use with modern curved-shank carp hooks.

Kenny originally used it with a splitshot on the hair to present pop-ups low to the lakebed, but the KD rig can also be used with wafters and bottom baits.

Step-by-step guide to tying the KD rig

1) Supple braid is perfect for this presentation. Start by tying a simple loop knot for the hair section.

2) As mentioned above, this rig is reliant on using a curved-shank hook.

3) Start to tie a knotless knot, but pause once you have wrapped the hooklink around the shank two or three times.

4) Pull the hair out of the way then continue wrapping UNDERNEATH it three or four times.

5) Finish the knot and pull it tight. The way the hair exits from centre of the knotless knot is the key element to this rig and makes the hook act like a claw.