How to tie the IQ D rig

How to tie the IQ D rig

This presentation came from the mind of Korda founder Danny Fairbrass and has regularly featured on Thinking Tackle and his firm's Underwater DVDs. It's a highly efficient stiff rig that works perfectly with wafters, snowmen setups or bottom baits.

Follow our guide to find out how to tie the IQ D rig...

Step-by-step guide to tying the IQ D rig

1) Take a length of fluorocarbon (this rig is named after Korda's IQ fluoro) and a curved-shank hook. Loop the hooklink and tuck the tag end in the back of the eye to keep it out of the way.

2) With your other hand, begin to wrap the loop around the hookshank and the trapped tag end.

3) Keep wrapp the loop around the hook five or six times.

4) Pull the knot tight by pulling the tag end (the one you tucked into the hook's eye).

5) Trim the tag end of the knot closely and carefully 'blob' the end with a lighter to secure it.

6) Take the line exiting from the top of the knot and thread on a bait swivel before taking the line through the eye from the back to the front.

7) Tie a standard knotless knot to secure the hook in place.

8) The D section can be shaped with a Biro or rig tool to create the desired shape.