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How to tie the Roddy rig

RigsThom AirsRoddy rig
How to tie the Roddy rig

The Roddy rig is, you might have guessed, the combination of two of carp fishing's most popular setups - the Ronnie rig and the chod rig.

The chod rig is known for its ability to present a pop-up over all but the weediest lakebeds, while the Ronnie rig has soared in popularity in the past few seasons because it can present a pop-up low to the bottom.

As an added bonus, the Ronnie also affords extra movement to the hookbait thanks to the incorporation of a flexi ring swivel at the business end.

Like the chod, the Roddy can be cast over most lakebeds, though remember to set the top bead on your leader to the depth of the weed, so that the rig can travel up to that point should the lead and lower half of the leader sink into any weed.


1) These are the bits you'll need to tie the whole setup


2) Thread 1ins of shrink tube up the hook shank, then thread the hook eye on to the quick-change swivel


3) Steam the shrink tube, or place it in boiling water, to secure the hook in place on the swivel


4) Attach your boilie, either with bait floss or fluorocarbon, and blob the ends of the material to secure


5) Thread the finished rig on to your leadcore or leadless leader and secure safely with beads