How to tie a caster rig for carp

How to tie a caster rig for carp

Fishing casters for carp has spiked in popularity on the back of Terry Hearn’s latest video, so here’s how to tie a balanced caster rig to match your free offerings…

Step 1: Tie a hook to the stripped end of a coated braid hooklink and add a shrink tube kicker.

step 1.jpg

Step 2: Thread a hook swivel on, followed by a hook bead to keep the swivel in place.

step 2.jpg

Step 3: Tie a length of mono or fluoro to the swivel and tie it to the stop of the swivel.

step 3.jpg

Step 4: Cut a small disc of rig foam and thread it down the tag and onto the swivel.

step 4.jpg

Step 5: Trim the tag, blob it with a lighter to secure the disc, then add Superglue to the top.

step 5.jpg

Step 6: Glue three fake buoyant casters of your choice onto the disc.

step 6.jpg

Step 7: Tie the hooklink to your leader swivel, add a bag of real casters, and away you go!

step 7.jpg

Top tip: Test your rig in the edge to ensure that the hook lies flat on the deck, with the casters hovering above, covering the hook.

The trick is to find the right balance between your hook size/weight, the width of the foam disc and the number of casters.

Caster rig for carp