How to tie a hinged stiff rig

How to tie a hinged stiff rig

The hinged stiff rig is one of the most successful and enduring rigs in carp fishing, widely associated with the exploits of Terry Hearn in the 1990s and remains a presentation with a reputation for singling out big fish.

Modern variations feature a variety of boom sections, particularly coated braid, but we're here to show you how to tie one with the original mono/fluorocarbon boom.

Step-by-step guide to tying the hinged stiff rig

1) Start with a 'chod' section. Good readymade ones are readily available in tackle shops, but our guide to tying your own can be found here. The degree of bend in this section is down to personal choice, but hinged-stiff pioneers Terry Hearn and Lewis Read favoured a gentle curve.

2) The hinged stiff is characterised by the loops at either end of its boom section. You can use a simple figure-of-eight loop knot, but we're going to tie a different version which keeps its shape better. Start with an overhand/'granny' knot in the boom material, but don't tighten it down.

3) With the tag end of the overhand knot, go through the ring swivel on the chod section then come back through the original overhand knot. Make sure you still have a decent length of tag end for the next step.

4) Wrap the tag end (that has just come through the overhand knot) over the main section of the boom four or five times.

5) Take the tag end back through the original overhand knot.

6) Tighten the knot down by only pulling on the tag end (this is important to maintain the loop).

7) Repeat the same loop knot at the swivel end of the boom.

8) Counterbalance your pop-up with some putty on the ring swivel. Make sure the putty stays on the barrel of the swivel and above, so it does not impede the rig's movement.