How to tie the German carp rig

How to tie the German carp rig

Popular in Europe and brought to wider attention by Avid's Mat Woods, the German rig has proved a hit with carp anglers fishing bottom baits or wafters over clean lakebeds.

Here's how to tie this rig...

Step-by-step guide to tying the German rig

1) A relatively stiff coated braid is needed for this one. And the coating remains intact throughout.

2) Attach a curved-shank hook with a standard knotless knot. There's no need to tie a hair loop, as you'll see...

3) Snip the hair off. For added security, you can 'blob' the tag end with a lighter.

4) Slide a hook bead and a bait swivel on to the hook. Position the bead oppsite the barb.

5) A sinker or large piece of putty should be added an inch or two from the hook to help the rig settle and help the hook catch hold when the fish picks up the bait.