RigsThom AirsChod rig, Pop-up

How to tie a chod rig

RigsThom AirsChod rig, Pop-up
How to tie a chod rig

The chod rig is arguably the most popular rig of the early 21st century and here's how to tie it. It's a setup designed to be fished over a variety of lakebeds, particularly silt and 'chod' (general bottom debris). It can also be used in weed, though it can become suspended and look unnatural in the heavier stuff.

Step-by-step guide to tying the chod rig

1) A 'stiff-rigger' hook, with an out-turned eye, is crucial for this rig. As is a stiff filament hooklink. Thread the latter through the former like this. Use the natural curve of the hooklink off the spool in your favour so it curves into the hook eye.

2) Attach the hook with a knotless knot. Keep a long-ish 'hair' of 2-3ins.

3) Slide a rig ring on to the 'hair' section.

4) Bend the hair section back on itself and through the back of the eye, trapping the rig ring in a tight looped section.

5) Very carefully isolate the tag end you've just pushed through the eye and 'blob' it with a lighter to stop it pulling back through the eye. Be very careful to only heat the tag.

6) Tie off to a ring swivel using a three-turn half blood knot as it can be tied in a tight space to keep the hooklink short. A figure-of-eight loop knot can also be used.


7) Gently add a curve to the chod filament by running it through your fingers or steaming it over a rig cone.