Yorkshire's biggest carp out at 52lb

Yorkshire's biggest carp out at 52lb

The biggest carp in Yorkshire has smashed an angler’s personal best by 20lb.

Liam Doyle bagged Three Scale, the jewel in the crown of Eric’s Willows Lake, at exactly 52lb.

The big mirror has previously weighed as much as 59lb 8oz at the day-ticket venue near Castleford. 

Liam told Carpfeed.com: “It was one of my target fish and it smashed my pb by 20lb – happy days!”

Three Scale at 52lb

Three Scale at 52lb

The Manchester angler was fishing 80yds out and positioned a rod either side of a heavily baited patch at the back of a bar.

He said: “I was watching a bit of fizzing over my spot at 8.45am and thought ‘not long now’, when my right-hand rod sprang into life, letting out a one-toner.

“I struck into my rod and it hooped over, and I knew I was into a good fish.

“It kited to my right and was taking line steadily, so I played it out in open water to tire it out a bit.

“After that, it just came in slow and heavy. When the fish came up at the net and hit the spreader block I was over the moon.

“It was Three Scale, one of the lake’s A-Team, at an incredible 52lb.”

Liam cradles his hefty prize

Liam cradles his hefty prize

Rig and bait

  • Ronnie rig

  • Hook: Size 6 Gardner Mugga

  • Hooklink: Korda N-Trap Semi Stiff

  • Hookbait: Double trimmed-down 10mm Sticky Signatures wafters

  • Loosefeed: 3kg of glugged Sticky Manilla boilies and pellets, plus hemp