Yateley Car Park Lake's biggest-ever common

Yateley Car Park Lake's biggest-ever common

The world-famous Yateley Car Park Lake has produced its biggest-ever common to an angler gripped by the rock-hard pit.

Charlie Wright banked the Slate Grey Common at 44lb 8oz from the Hampshire venue known for producing huge mirrors like Arfur and Heather the Leather in the 1990s.

The former serviceman has now banked two carp in 45 nights at the lake, both of them forties.

“Words cannot describe the feeling I have right now,” said the 25-year-old, “I’m truly overwhelmed by it all.”

The Slate Grey Common at 44lb 8oz

The Slate Grey Common at 44lb 8oz

Charlie banked Two Scale at 42lb 7oz on the final day of last season, after a 30-night blank, and returned this season full of determination.

He said: “After settling in and getting to know the lake last year I felt confidence in what I had learnt and just hoped that this year I could get among the fish nice and early in the season to give me that all-important confidence boost.”

Fifteen nights later, at 5am on a Monday morning, Charlie got the second bite he’d been waiting for.

“My wildest dreams came true. The rod rattled off interrupting my call of nature!

“Running to the rod I lifted into what at first felt like a tench, but after getting her out of the first weedbed and nearly being flat rodded, I saw a flash of scales in the rising sunlight. “Instantly I knew I was into a common and within seconds of seeing her she went absolutely crazy!

“My Legs were like jelly at this point and after an epic clear-water battle I eventually splipped the net under her. 

“I could not believe my eyes! Sitting there in the net was one of the fish I dearly wanted and had photographed twice before. But finally this time she was mine!”


Yateley Carp Lake stands like a beacon in the history of British carp fishing and has been fished by many top names including Terry Hearn and Nigel Sharp to name just two. Its famous big mirrors may have perished but it is still rock hard and still attracts carp anglers like Charlie, whose enthusiasm for the venue and its inhabitants is clearly abundant.


  • Hinged stiff rig
  • Hook: Size 5 ESP CyrogenGrip Rigger
  • Hooklink: 1ins chod section made with 20lb ESP Stiff Rig and a fluorocarbon boom
  • Hookbait: Sticky Krill Pink One pop-up
  • Loosfeed: 2kg of washed-out Sticky Krill, 3kg of hemp and a tin of corn