Wood Common at 50lb 7oz ends four-year quest

Wood Common at 50lb 7oz ends four-year quest

A mission to catch one of the best commons in the country was completed on the final morning of a week-long session at Airfield Lakes.

Ben Jeffrey has been fishing the Norfolk venue’s Spitfire Pool for a week each year since 2014 and finally snared the one he was after, the majestic Wood Common at 50lb 7oz.

The 36-year-old, who also had a 36lb mirror known as the Old Leney during his trip, told Carpfeed: “I was absolutely over the moon. It’s amazing and I’m still buzzing now.”

The small pool, which contains only 15 carp, is a tricky proposition and the Wood Common has only been caught 10 times.

50lb 7oz of wow!

50lb 7oz of wow!

Ben said: “I’ve fished it for a week once a year and this was our fourth trip. Normally there’s three of us but this time there was only two.

“We’ve seen the Wood Common before but, to my knowledge, never come close to catching it.

“On the final night I saw a fish show which I was convinced was that fish, so I packed up my gear and put a single hookbait on the area where I’d seen it.

“At 6.30am on the final morning my line pulled up tight and I had a cluster of bleeps. I ran to the rod and my bobbin pulled into the blank. That fish isn’t known for fighting and it just plodded around and I led it in like a dog on a lead.

“About 10 yards out I could see it and I knew it was the Wood, but I convinced myself it wasn’t until I bundled it into the net. I felt so privileged to be able to fish such a special venue and catch such a special fish.”


The beautiful common lives in a tiny pool at Rich Wilby’s Airfield Lakes. It shares its home with the Long Common, which once went nine years without capture, and is a very infrequent visitor to the bank. Definitely one of the best around.


  • Naked chod rig
  • Hook: Size 6 Drennan Continental Boilie Hook
  • Hooklink: Korda Mouth Trap
  • Lead: Korda Heli-Safe System
  • Hookbait: Specialized Hook Baits S2 pop-up
  • Loosefeed (for Old Leney capture): Perfection Groundbaits Spicy Squid
Spitfire's other big common was caught at 47lb last month. CLICK FOR FULL STORY

Spitfire's other big common was caught at 47lb last month. CLICK FOR FULL STORY